Monday, 17 March 2014

What to do in Oslo - recommendations from a local

On this blog I'm writing about things to do and see in Oslo, based on my own experience. 

I'm receiving a lot of guests to my apartments and rooms for rent in Oslo, and from my experience many of them appreciate some tips from I local, hence I try to gather some below. I started this blog recently and more posts will come soon.

I'm a hobby photographer and most pictures on my blogs are taken by me.

 Places to eat in Oslo:

Things to see in Oslo:

General Oslo tips:

Other places in Norway - must be experienced:

Oslo  - most beautiful places to visit:

Oslo skyline night bjørvika

Above: Oslo skyline - Bjørvika 

Above and below: Oslo new Opera House

Below: Oslo Fjord 

Oslo landscape

Oslo boats

Below: Oslo Old Town

vigeland winter photos

vigeland autumn colors

Oslo coolest apartment building

Oslo coolest building

Bjørvika bikes Oslo

inside Oslo opera house

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