Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Places to stay in Oslo: Hotel Bondheimen

I stayed one night in Hotel Bondeheimen near the main street Karl Johan in Oslo. Hotel Bondheimen is conveniently located near everything Oslo has to offer and just a short walk from the Royal Palace and the Parliment.

Check in

The check in procedure was quick and easy and staff was friendly and smiling. But the friendliness stopped when I reported a problem with the WIFI in my room. I was not able to connect after several attempts. I was given more codes to try, but nothing worked. Firstly, the staff suggested to go to a nearby internet cafe, but I insisted I needed WIFI for work purposes. The staff was clearly annoyed by my persistence, but they finally offered me another room with working WIFI.

The room.

The second room was a bit bigger than the first one I  got - and yey - the WIFI worked perfectly. The room also had a nice view. It was very convenient to be able to make coffee / tea in the room, but the kettle had clearly not been cleaned properly for a while, there were lots of dust on the top. One thing I really liked about the room was the placement of outlets on the headboard, making it really easy to connect chargers etc.

The breakfast

Standard buffet with bread, scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee, milk juice, ham, cheese etc. The selection of things to eat was good, but the breakfast area was very overcrowded and I had to wait nearly 15 minutes to get a seat.

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