Monday, 17 March 2014

Vigeland sculpture park

Some photos I took on a walk in the beautiful Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo. Some are from this winter, some pictures are a bit older - from last autumn.

Vigeland sculpture park - winter motives:
(click for larger pictures)

Vigeland sculpture park - autumn:


What to do in Oslo - recommendations from a local

On this blog I'm writing about things to do and see in Oslo, based on my own experience. 

I'm receiving a lot of guests to my apartments and rooms for rent in Oslo, and from my experience many of them appreciate some tips from I local, hence I try to gather some below. I started this blog recently and more posts will come soon.

I'm a hobby photographer and most pictures on my blogs are taken by me.

 Places to eat in Oslo:

Things to see in Oslo:

General Oslo tips:

Other places in Norway - must be experienced:

Oslo  - most beautiful places to visit:

Oslo skyline night bjørvika

Above: Oslo skyline - Bjørvika 

Above and below: Oslo new Opera House

Below: Oslo Fjord 

Oslo landscape

Oslo boats

Below: Oslo Old Town

vigeland winter photos

vigeland autumn colors

Oslo coolest apartment building

Oslo coolest building

Bjørvika bikes Oslo

inside Oslo opera house

Oslo modern architecture

Oslo is evolving as one of the most modern cities in Europe with lots of modern buildings and architecture. I took the pictures below on a sunny day, early spring 2014.

The first pictures are from the new financial district in Oslo, Bjørvika. This district is just a short walk from my apartments for rent in Oslo. Further below you can also see some pictures from the new Opera House in Oslo, just a 10-15 min walk from our apartments for rent in Oslo.

 Modern buildings Bjørvika Oslo 

Oslo skyline night

Oslo Bjørvika skyline

Below: Oslo Opera House

oslo opera house night

woman oslo opera house

Above: New Opera building in Bjørvika 

Below: Tjuvholmen

Tjuvholmen Oslo architecture

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Places to eat in Oslo: Le Meo Sushi

Le Meo sushi is located just a short walk from my rooms and apartments for rent in Oslo. The restaurant is quite modest, but the sushi is great and I often order my take away sushi from Le Meo. In addition to the price worthy family menu I would in particular recommend the Tempura sushi rolls, they are delicious.

Mandalls Gate 10, Oslo

In the same square there are several other cafes and restaurants, such as Vita coffee bar, I'll write more about these later.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Places to stay in Oslo: Hotel Bondheimen

I stayed one night in Hotel Bondeheimen near the main street Karl Johan in Oslo. Hotel Bondheimen is conveniently located near everything Oslo has to offer and just a short walk from the Royal Palace and the Parliment.

Check in

The check in procedure was quick and easy and staff was friendly and smiling. But the friendliness stopped when I reported a problem with the WIFI in my room. I was not able to connect after several attempts. I was given more codes to try, but nothing worked. Firstly, the staff suggested to go to a nearby internet cafe, but I insisted I needed WIFI for work purposes. The staff was clearly annoyed by my persistence, but they finally offered me another room with working WIFI.

The room.

The second room was a bit bigger than the first one I  got - and yey - the WIFI worked perfectly. The room also had a nice view. It was very convenient to be able to make coffee / tea in the room, but the kettle had clearly not been cleaned properly for a while, there were lots of dust on the top. One thing I really liked about the room was the placement of outlets on the headboard, making it really easy to connect chargers etc.

The breakfast

Standard buffet with bread, scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee, milk juice, ham, cheese etc. The selection of things to eat was good, but the breakfast area was very overcrowded and I had to wait nearly 15 minutes to get a seat.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Trondheim old town, Bakklandet, in winter

I had a short trip to Trondheim, the third largest town in Norway, and was lucky enough to catch these great views, all from the old town area:

Above: The old colorful pier by river Nidelven (click on pictures for larger view)

Above: Cold days. Even the water on the river was partly frozen 

Colorful and old wooden houses in Trondheim old town area, Bakklandet

Below: Bakklandet, Trondheim (click on pictures for larger view)

Cheapest accomodation in Oslo?

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world and cheap accommodation can be difficult to find. However, some cheaper alternatives exist. Below I have gathered some links to some cheaper accommodation alternative. A random search at these sites returned more than 10 accommodation alternatives cheaper than 600 NOK / 100$ / 73 EUR

Read also: 10 tips that will save you time and money in Oslo - guaranteed


Airbnb Oslo

Instead of staying at expensive hotels you can rent cheaper accommodation from locals. You can rent a room or a private apartment or house, and the prices are in most cases much cheaper than hotels / motels in the same area. All transactions are monitored by a third part, Airbnb, and their customer service can be reached 24/7 in case of issues. Read more and get a free Airbnb profile here.

Wimdu Oslo

Wimdu is a similar concept to Airbnb and you can search a wide range of cheaper rooms, apartments and houses in Oslo and other places in Norway and worldwide. At Wimdu Oslo, the properties in general cost 50% less than nearby hotels, a great deal for travelers on a budget. Customer service is available 24/7 if you need assistance. A random search returned 15 properties for less than 100$ / 73 EUR / 600 NOK.

Hotelscombined Oslo

If you still prefer to stay in a hotel, you're guaranteed to get the best rates if you're using this search engine, as it combines the results from 100's of major search engines such as,, and many more. Hotelscombined Oslo.

Places to eat in Oslo: Prince Lunch bar

I often buy my lunch at Prince Lunch bar in Kirkegata 20, Oslo. This great Lunchbar near the main street Karl Johan offers real home made burgers and baguettes that taste a lot better than those mass produced products you get from the fast food chains.

The prices are good, 50-60 NOK for a big baguette or a freshly made burger (january 2014), and one baguette or burger is more than enough for lunch (at least for me).


- Tasty home made burger and baguettes
- Good prices !
- Central location.


- Not open on Saturdays or evenings
- Limited places to sit down and can be crowded during lunch break.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wonderful Ålesund in winter

 Mid January I visited the Ålesund. The weather was great and I took the photos below during the day

Above: Typical Ålesund houses in Jugendstil - colorful and bright.

Above: Climbing up the 450 steps to Aksla.

Below: After climbing the 450 icy steps we could finally enjoy this fantastic view of Ålesund and the sorrounding mountains: 

Below: Ålsund church.

Below: More Jugendstil houses and the Ålesund channel

Above: Fishing boat and panorama view.

Evening and sunset :)